May 21, 2024

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual Annual General Meeting on May 15th.

This year, our Board of Directors had two candidates running for three positions so an election was not necessary. We would like to congratulate incumbents, Barb Dixon and Jason Nevins on continuing to be a vital part of our Board.

For the 2023 fiscal year, we will be giving back over $6.7M  in equity to our members. Your Board of Directors was pleased to announce that over $3.4M will be paid back to members in cash. Your patronage allocations rates are as follows:

Thank you to all of you, our members and guests for your continued support of Central Alberta Co-op. Without you, our growth, community support and involvement would not be possible.

As a member, you are an owner and an important part of what makes us a Different Kind of Business!